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As a part of the GZ we gather monthly Committing Semiocide; you are welcome to join us and change the gaze. Balancing over the boundary between reality and fiction, semiocide means cutting off your own meanings and understanding of things when relating to another. Together, we do it in a form of a ritual, through embodiment and the craft of mask-making; popping up in different places, exploring objects existing in a given venue and relations forming an environment.


During the show HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? the current curator of the GZ Ma Kowasz conducted quirky workshops within the environment marked as Ásmundarsalur in Reykjavík, Iceland. For this specific occasion the meetings took place every day, from 8th until 16th of August between 1pm and 4pm UTC +0. The whole show was live streamed through madesign.lhi.is and archived on the official Instagram of @thegazingzone.


The project is realised in collaboration with Elijah Lake, who wrote and performed the soundscape for our monthly semiocides;

the sound was mastered by the amazing Jeffrey's Human Persona @almightyopp.


The was showcased again during Dutch Design Week,

17th-25th of October 2020.


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